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Why autumn is the perfect time to take care of your roof

Category: General Published on Nov 15

When it comes to getting roofing work done, some seasons are better than others. Whether you are getting a smaller repair or investing in a complete replacement of your roof, one thing always stays the same: roofing work is an outdoors job.

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How do you know whether to repair or reroof?

Category: General Published on Nov 08

Lose a few shingles in the last storm? Repairing your roof can be less expensive up front, but may end up costing you more in the long run. Here are some factors to consider when deciding whether to repair your roof or spring for a new one:

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"Winterize" Your Roof

Category: General Published on Oct 31

Winter is a time of year that is dreaded by many, for its cold temperatures, ice, wind and snow. And guess what? Your roof hates winter just as much! Not only is it a time when snow melts and refreezes, it is also a time when heavy winds can rip off shingles and heavy snow can pile up! In addition, many homeowners mistakenly forget to maintain their roof during the winter because they associate roof damage with heavy rain, not heavy snow or plummeting temperatures.

Here are some tips and tricks for avoiding costly winter damage:

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What To Do When Disaster Strikes

Category: General Published on Oct 24

Last week the unthinkable happened. I woke up to the sound of dripping water. This, after a long rain storm. I panicked and jumped out of bed, discovering that the leak was coming from the master bedroom ceiling. A giant area of wall was already destroyed by water, and the carpet was soaked with water. I grabbed a garbage can to catch the dripping water. Now what?

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Picking the Right Roofing Contractor

Category: General Published on Jul 23

I recently read an interesting article on how to choose the right company for replacing your roof. No one wants a horror story when it comes to selecting any contractor -- especially one that is as important as a roofing contractor!


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Inspecting Your Roof Regularly

Category: General Published on Jun 20

Waiting for your roof to leak is definitely not the right time to have your roof inspected! Many homeowners call us after a leak has already formed. By the time such damage has occurred, your roof has had several layers of materials penetrated. Waiting for this type of damage to occur, is a costly way of "maintaining" such an important part of your home.  On the flip-side, having regular inspections can extend the life of your roof and ultimately save you money in the long-run. But the question remains: How often should I have my roof inspected?

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